sexta-feira, novembro 09, 2007

Kruger Workshop: SlideShow

Kruger Workshop III
On the first day of the workshop besides geting to know each other and watching a funny Loreley legend video movie we were amased with some of recent artwork done by Sebastian through slideshows.

The room for the workshop was great.

On the left a fabulous Keith Richards portrait and on the right one
of Krugers first paintings.

An amazing surreal painting and a portrait of Hugh Heffner.

A Kruger self-portrait and his number one fan (I bet there more) a special effects producer Stan Winston.

Pope John Paul II and Kruger self-portrait!!!

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Lilyan disse...

Thank you very much for sharing, Mister Nelsön ! ... a way for 'us' to share the beauties you have seen...
Obrigado ! :o)

Nelson Santos disse...

Pas de quoi Lily ;)

Thainá Vivas disse...