sexta-feira, novembro 16, 2007

Funny Pictures from the Kruger Workshop

Some funny pictures from the workshop
to share.

Peer Retera was compared to Shrek :D .
On the right Kruger bytes Jert´s feet drawing.

Magnus Berntz Eriksen bought a big, i mean really
biiig swiss army knife. Bernd Schoenebaum was
another "funny fucker"

Allan Buch was a great "funny fucker" from Danmark
and he was a fast learner!

Some other cartoons i made one of Jert and of
Bernd Widenbauer

F***ing Scumbag Irish Niall O´Loughlin after a few
german beers produced a great Sebastian Kruger

Maester Jean Marie goes Wolverine, it was always fun
to take pictures from him! He was the shortest participant
on the workshop (in comparison here with Jert) but his
humorous skills are enormous.

The Kruger Workshop 2007 family group photo! Below
i explain why holding the rock.

If you can see the family group photo above there is a reason for it.
Righ before the frontier of Luxembourg on France i was driving
prety fast on the highway and caught a big rock (same size i´m holding
on the pic, i blame French for leaving such a big rock on a highway,
thats why i am at Maester Jean Marie) and damaged my wheel so i had
to fix it in Germany, did all the way from Luxembourg to Sankt Goar
without a spare tire! Am i crazy!
The two nice man on the pic with me are the Auto-Shop managers.

From here i´m heading to Paris, will post pics of course.

please also visit my caricature website

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Niall O loughlin disse...

That Irish guy is very good looking.

Anónimo disse...

hi nelson! my revenge on you will be ready next week. and i will send it to you. so tell me your adress in portugal. i am very proud about your butchermanpainting. i hang it on my best of gallery. greetings from austria geronimo

Anónimo disse...

Different Nice drawings


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