terça-feira, novembro 06, 2007

Kruger Rocks!!!!!

Sebastian Kruger Rocks!!!, master artist in action painting Beethoven with... acrylics!

It sure was a great time in St.Goar Germany at the 3rd Kruger Workshop i had great fun geting in touch with old friends and making new ones! Kruger himself is such an amazing person. This year he painted Beethoven in more or less than 4 hours and it was mindblowing watching each brush stroke he placed in the canvas. This week i will be posting pictures from the workshop.

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2 comentários:

bog_art disse...

I am so jealous!!.. I can't believe you could see Sebastian Kruger in action!!.. do you know if someone recorded him while he was working??

Nelson Santos disse...

No pictures or video were allowed during Kruger presentation.