segunda-feira, abril 14, 2008

Court Jones caricature

Court Jones is an amazing caricaturist artist and painter, i had this sketch i did of him about a year ago hanging around in my pile of drawings, often i pick one to give it more life and color. I highly recommend to visit Court Jones website.

visit also my caricature website

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Beast disse...

Hahah. Very Good. Youve really captured his personality here.

Alexandra Meireles disse...

That's really nice!
Haha they're alikes! =D

bog_art disse...

Wow Man!!.. it is amazing how many caricatures you can put in your blog so far.. I can't really pick one as my favorite, but I loved your posts " Retrato Grafite por Foto" and " Prince Harry of Wales".. great!!

PS: Court Jones is a monster in the caricature world!..

Avelino disse...
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Avelino disse...

Caricaturas excelentes! Você trabalha usando caneta?São feitas em 3 minutos? Muito bom!!!!!
ÉH!Eu preciso desenhar mais rápido!!

DiegO Torre$ disse...

muito legal man