sexta-feira, março 04, 2016

Microsoft Surface pro 4 review As promised i review the Microsoft Surface pro 4 for artist purpises. Hardware: It is very fast machine, my version was the i7 256gb, it works well on sketchbook pro but If you use Painter or Photoshop you dont have the pressure sensitivity that you have on a Wacom. On sketchbook my average was 5 minutes for full color caricatures with is pretty good. Battery: Microsoft say it handles up to 9 hours, thats not true as i was using it live using sketchbook it drasticly lasted maximum 3.5 hours with minimum brightness! This is disapointing. Heating: it tends to heat a litle on after a few hours pushing but i guess its normal on such small and light device. Conclusion: If it wasnt the lack of pressure sensitivity and the low battery handling i would recommend it for artist purpose. #microsoft #microsoftsurface #digitalart #surface #drawing #creative #art #surfaceart #surfacepro4 #tablet #microsoftsurfacepro4 #surfacepro #digital #technology #sketch

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