terça-feira, março 02, 2010

Tom Petty caricature sketch!

Tom Petty caricature sketch WIP (Work in Progress), not sure if I will finish as i always tend to like more my sketches than finished polished drawings. After 8 years Tom Petty is returning with the Heartbreakers and a new album "Mojo" for some more fun. When i was young i remember having so great times "Learning to Fly". Great Tuesday to everyone.

Tom Petty - Learning to Fly

8 comentários:

Bernd Weidenauer disse...

hola my portugese stick!
tom petty? great one, i saw him live in miami in 1989 - wow thats a long time a go!
- and do the fine rendering man!

Nelson Santos disse...

Lucky bastard! I was in Miami but never saw him :) I will see if the stick can handle the fine rendering.

Sandra Sena disse...

Queres não fazer uma caricatura para mim?


Nelson Santos disse...

Sandra, pedidos e encomendas de caricatura são para karikamania@gmail.com

Martin Arguello disse...

Hi , i'm joining to Caricature's world..

Can u please check out my blog , and tell me , if..

i'll be good someday :P

i started like 1 year ago..

i draw everyday :)

thank you in advance

Nelson Santos disse...

Alejandro i´m a caricaturist, i cant predict the future!

Luiz Felipe de Freitas - BRTO22 disse...

Fantástico cara, parabéns !!!

Ótimas caricaturas, tens a mão talentosa.



Nelson Santos disse...

Valeu "Cara"!!!