quarta-feira, outubro 08, 2008

Live Caricatures in Berlin at Riva Bar

Just returned from a trip to Berlin where i was drawing caricatures at the famous Riva Bar for a medical meeting point of the Brazilian SBPT (Sociedade Brasileira de Pneumologia e Tisiologia).

First thing i made as usual when i arrive in Germany is to drink my preferred beer the Erdinger Hefeweißbier to me its one if not the best beer in the world.

The Riva Bar is one of the 100´s worlds best bars and it has an amazing view to the Television Tower in center of Berlin.
That said the caricature show started hopefully Brazilian are very funny people always laughing and enjoying their caricatures.

It all starts with close up portraits while the artists vision starts to warm up.

Some people are living caricatures one thing i notice the more fun the person is the more funny the caricature comes out.

Drawing woman is a sensitive task they always starting like "make me look nice" i always answer "You are nice!" but the caricature alter-ego keeps poping out.

I think he would look pretty nice in red as for the lady i was thinking she would reject the drawing but instead she loved it figures me out why.

I found a "relative" from Portugal on the right he was very serious i think he would beat me up.

The caricature above was my favourite of the night i also joined a few in a slide-show its funny to make comparison between the faces and see what went wrong you know drawing a portrait in around 3 minutes its not the most quality thing what maters is the fun and ice-breaker people can get with it!

I also have drawed the Riva Bar staff and they asked me politely to draw a caricature of the famous Luigi Riva (born November 7, 1944), best known as Gigi Riva or by his nickname Rombo di Tuono (Thunder), is a former Italian footballer, the all-time leading scorer for the Italian national team. He was one of the best forwards of his time and had a fantastic scoring record for Cagliari thanks to his great heading ability, fantastic left foot and composure in front of goal.

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Patrick Strogulski disse...

Wow, you are travelling a lot Nelson.
Cool stuff you are showing.
Nice to hear that the "Erdinger Weißbier" is one of your favourite beers. It`s also one of my favourites.
Let me quit with a big cheers ;-)

Niall O loughlin disse...

Fantastic stuff Nelson, you sure get around, great drawings as alwyas, btw this is my favourite beer also.