segunda-feira, agosto 04, 2008

Watercolour sketches

Good morning everyone! Wish all a good week! It´s been a while since i don't paint in watercolours, except for a commission i did a while ago which i will post soon. Thinking on that and because i believe its always good for the artist to grow, handling with different materials, developing his vision on technique, composition and colour. So i decided to illustrate Amy Winehouse (again) and Barack Obama. Amy was coloured in a cold pressed watercolour paper 200gr/m2 and Obama on a cheap Xerox paper 80gr/m2. You can see the special difference effects on each sheet.

Amy Winehouse Caricature

Obama Caricature

4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Nossa! muito legais esses desenhos, queria ver eu mesma desenhada assim! rsrsrs

Jéssica, Comodoro MT

Ce-ele-e-ipisilon-a disse...

aaaaa caricatura da Wine ficou perfeeeita, mesmo mesmo muito bom! :'D

Anónimo disse...

Perfeita a caricatura da Amy. A figura dela já é uma caricatura mesmo! kkkk

Unknown disse...

It's very interesting the cold pressed watercolour on paper effect. My last portrait it's Amy too. ¿Could you like see it in my blog? Thanks, my teacher!