terça-feira, agosto 19, 2008

Elton John caricatures

These Elton John caricature sketches were done for a regular caricature competition at the NCN- National Caricaturists Network its an international non-profit organization dedicated to the art of caricature. It is made up of professional caricaturists from all over the world, students of caricature and people who have an interest in the art form. I might choose one of these three sketches to colour it, still haven't decided which one because artist vision changes day to day, when i finish a drawing i´m happy with it, but the next minutes i hate it! Maybe i´m pushing myself? I don't know it just happens frequently.
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Elton John caricatures
Elton John Caricature Sketches

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9 comentários:

Patrick Strogulski disse...

Excellent sketches Nelson, to me the lower one is the best.I like the thin lose hair and the big glasses.
I think this is the funniest one.
But they are all good.
Cheers Patrick

Nelson Santos disse...

Patrick thkx for your feedback my friend.

bog_art disse...

Well.. In my opinion theone who is in the top in the left side is the best. Although I like all.. lol.. and well.. there are a lot different kind of monkeys.. you know..

Manoj Sinha disse...

Hi Nelson
I also think 1st one is the best, but hair style of 2nd one is good.

Niall O loughlin disse...

sweet man, are they watercolour?

Nelson Santos disse...

Bog, thkx i guess they are not in extinction?

Manoj,thkx i´m developing myself in hair style caricatures :)

Nails, what? I only paint in acrylics!!!

Edo disse...

Nice sketches Nelson.Thanx for your comment on my phelps. Just starting my blog so new at this.
Read you're a big self-critic. I think that's a good thing. pushing yourself every time.

Rakel disse...

tem um gosto especial por tudo o que é artesanal?
entao ja tens ao teu dispor um site que
te oferece produtos unicos e personalizados

E MUITO +!!!

vISITe: www.planetalilaz.blogspot.com


jmborot disse...

Hi Nelson,
(excuse, can't speak or write portuguese)
thanks for your comment on my blog.
I already saw your Elton John on the forum : great !
And I just realize that something is missing in my blog : a link to yours !
Kind regards