segunda-feira, janeiro 14, 2008

Cover Illustration for Brandweek Magazine

Cover illustration for Brandweek magazine
published on the December issue. Its a
caricature illustration of former russian
president and the last head of state of the
USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.

This illustration was related to the famous
Gorbachevs louis vuitton ad campaign.

more caricatures at:

2 comentários:

Gon disse...

Interessante trabalho caro Nelson, foi para uma revista americana?
Foste generoso na mancha da testa hehe..

jmborot disse...

Hi Nelson,
I don't remember if I sent you my wishes for 2008 (?), so happy new year.
Your Gorbatchev is great, and the bag Louis Vuitton is the touch that makes the difference.

(PS. : I've seen your Brad Pitt, wich is very good, on many blogs these days...)